Tuesday, February 03, 2009

# 11

Well # 11 was in the trap on the back porch this morning. But the good news is, no skunk in the trap over in the chicken pen. So we're debating whether to leave the chickens in their pen tonight, & set the trap outside or go ahead & haul the chickens back to the garage. We'll probably go ahead & haul them, just to be safe. John said when he let this one out of the trap, he wasn't happy & sprayed a little. We think he might be a "re-catch", & knows the routine......!!!!

I got a call this morning that just breaks my heart. A woman & her very ill husband have to move to the northwest closer to their son. They have a jenny, & her 15 year old son. They also have A 26 year old mule & his younger lady who is 19. They are all in excellent health................BUT............. they haven't been able to find anyone that would give them a wonderful home like they have now. The woman is so heartbroken, she is talking about staying here & letting her husband leave without her, which isn't an answer to the problem either.

So if there is anyone out there that would like to give a good home to some nice gentle animals, that are in a situation thru no fault of their own or their Mom, get in touch with me.

Courtney trimmed some of Judy's frog, but didn't find anything really wrong that would make her limp on that foot. She'll be back in a couple of week's & we'll see how Judy is doing by then. I'm still soaking her twice a day & will for the forseeable future I guess.

Martha seemed to think Chester has a little more mass in his chest area & his leg seemed to be looser to work with. Of course he's probably more comfortable now that he knows what she is going to do with him, when she starts poking & prodding. I'm sure that would make a difference in his state of relaxation. Max, the horse almost turns into putty when she works on him. You can tell he really enjoys it. We decided he would be a great horse for a massage school to have. He's big enough to be intimidating if someone was hesitant, gentle as a lamb, & very reactive to being touched. If he likes it, you know immediately, if he doesn't he lets you know, but not in a mean or dangerous way.

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