Friday, February 20, 2009


This morning Judy's owner stopped by to see how she is doing. He has a new little pug puppy named Frank. Of course puppies besides being little bundles of wiggly cells in a fur coat, also have no fear of anything. He seemed to think the donkeys were really interesting. Pepsi was absolutely enthralled with the little squirmy thing, when Rory got in his truck to leave, Pepsi stood there until the door closed trying to keep track of the puppy. Maybe it's the first thing he's seen that is smaller than he is...........!!! (G)

I am still waiting, not patiently for Judy's blood test results. At this stage I don't think there will probably be a result, it's been 2 weeks........!!!!! Frijolita is still lame with her groin pull, & now Tula has come up lame. This is going to be a little more interesting. For all practical purposes Tula is wild, & always will be. She hates to be cornered, she hates to be touched, she hates to have people in her space. I have a call into a new vet in the area that is suppose to be very good. If he comes out to check out my cripples, I think I will have him pull blood on Judy & hopefully it will find it's way to a lab that can come up with results.

As for checking Tula & her lameness, we will probably put her in one of our squeezes we've made out of a stationary corral panel, & one that is attached on one end. She has no problem going into one, for some odd reason. I would imagine he will have to give her something before he can put his hands on her effectively.

I asked Rory if Judy has any treats she really likes. Unfortunately not...........!!!! She is really being a witch about taking her pergolide. I have her on a minimum doseage, until I "get the results of the missing blood test".............!!!! I have tried her on just about anything that sounds like an equine would like it. She "ain't" buying any of it. I even resorted to trying a tiny piece of bread about the size of a quarter, applesauce, capsule, applesauce, another tiny piece of bread, & a light covering of molasses. Unfortunately everything in that treat is bad for an insulin resistant, possibly Cushings equine. Doesn't matter I guess, I casually dropped it in her hay bunk & left, since by now anything given by hand or encouraged is looked on as suspicious. When I checked later, it was still there, moved off to the side, as not worth her time.................!!!! GRRRRR..........!!!!! Mules are so smart...........!!!! (G) I don't want to have to tie her up twice a day & try to ram it down her throat. Since the battle of wills hasn't gone very good at all, I'm sure a battle of strength, wouldn't go much better.

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