Sunday, February 15, 2009

When we went out yesterday morning, Frijolita was standing out by the pens, 3 legged lame. She was holding up her right rear leg & not wanting to put weight on it. We got her in Chester's pen & I checked her leg. I have read that 75% of leg problems on equines are below the knee. And 75% of the problems below the knee are in the foot. BUT the place to start checking for a problem, if there is no obvious swelling or blood is the hip & work your way down, including the groin area. I worked my way down the whole leg & foot & there was no reaction, until I started over again, & this time checked the groin. BINGO! No swelling or heat, but I would imagine since our property is rougher & rockier than what she is use to, she probably slipped or something & pulled a muscle. So she has been in Chester's pen ever since. Chester is eating with Tula in her pen, much to her disgust. She likes Chester & they hang out together, BUT, their togetherness doesn't seem to include eating together. He gobbles his & takes over hers, so I really can't blame her. It's funny in a way, because if they are out on the property, she calls the shots.

This morning Frijolita seems a little better, although with her stringhalt problem I would imagine it might take awhile for her to heal. She's not happy being in a pen, & isn't eating all her hay, as a rebellion I guess. Either that or she doesn't like our hay. She is definately not a piggie eater, like some of them are. I'm surprised since she has been in with 3 other donkeys for years. I guess they were all polite ladies at feeding time.

Yesterday morning after that crisis, I was watching Jenny follow John into her pen, & noticed she was short striding on a rear leg. Since her foot problems are her front feet, I watched her closely. All of a sudden the foot knuckled under, just for a moment, she caught herself & walked on. I have no idea what is going on there. Courtney is coming out this week to trim, so I will see if she has any ideas.

Even as I write, John is out hauling #17 or #18, depending on which one of us is right........!!!! (G) After a lack of skunks for 4 nights we we hoping they were all gone. So I guess he will be setting the trap in the chicken pen for the forseeable future.............!!!! If they didn't find yummy cat food in the trap, the next step would be dig under the chicken house & have chicken.

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