Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is Frijolita's first few moments of being out of a pen. Actually that isn't true. Yesterday morning when we were moving her from the stock trailer pen, to a larger pen, Rocky decided to act like an idiot. You know how silly little boys act to impress girls. To say the least, not only was she not impressed, neither were we. She jerked away from John & the race was on. She was running, he was running, & we were losing ground fast.....!!! (G) He caught up a couple of times, & she let him know in no uncertain terms that she didn't appreciate silly little boys. She thumped him pretty good a couple of times on the chest, & one time on the jaw. He made the mistake of being nosy & going into the pen around the stock trailer, & I was close enough to close it. Of course by this time she is all upset by all the chasing, & wouldn't let us pick up the lead rope. She finally went close to Sha'ba's pen, I ran him out, & we got her to go in it.

But this is the first pictures of her being out officially this morning. She came out & promptly ate a poor little greasewood bush that had managed to survive the rest of them. Since then I've checked on her a few times, & she hadn't "found" the other donkeys yet. I think they are all on Burroland, at least that was the way she was looking, & braying last time I was out.

We were suppose to get snow last night. I'm happy to report the weatherman was wrong about the San Pedro River Valley, although a lot of areas around us got a little bit. We got a few flakes, along with a little rain, but today is sunny.

Heard from Chili & Tirza's new Mom. She said we didn't need to worry about Chili taking over Tirza's food which we had talked about. It seems Tirza's is in charge of If & WHEN he can eat, drink or go in the barn. Sherry said she had to intervene. I think it's funny, but she was worried at first. Chili needs to lose a little weight anyway. But after a couple of days, they were settling down, & Tirza's was laying down with him standing guard. So they are bonding, & he is learning quickly who is going to be in charge. Since she is only about 17 months old, I thought she might wait awhile to become head jenny, but guess not......!!!! (G)

Only set one trap last night, over in the chicken pen. Didn't catch anything, John said something had been in the bait, but didn't trip the trap. Probably a mouse.

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