Saturday, February 07, 2009


I thought skunks were solitary animals. I've mentioned this misnomer to other people & found out that isn't always true. One friend said he had a momma & 7 (I didn't even know they could have 7) under his boat dock for awhile one time. Then another friend just laughed & regaled us with stories of his skunk infestation a few years ago. He said he doesn't even know how many he had. I don't care for his method of getting rid of them though. Ours is much more entertaining, & they live to migrate another day........!!! Probably back here, where the crazy lady serves such good "trap" food.........!!!

The count is up to 14, some hooded & some striped. Haven't caught a spotted yet, guess they didn't get the memo about the good food. The last 2 we caught were rather agitated, compared to the others. We think they might be repeats & already know the drill.

A couple of mornings ago I rode with John to the designated skunk release spot. None of this turn them loose at the first convenient, no.........somehow he found what looks to us like prime skunk country. Of course it's so far off the beaten path, he has to use 4 WD & even then it's not an easy trip. How do guys find places like this...........???? When he opened the trap, the little guy just waddled off like he had all the time in the world. There's a large patch of brush & once he was in there, we couldn't even see him.

I hope there aren't too many more. We've made a deal, John hauls skunks & I get to clean the pens by myself most mornings.

Today was a long day. We got up early to feed so the pens could be opened before we loaded up Chili for a trip to his new home Northwest of Tucson. On the way, we stopped in Oro Valley to pick up Twinkie aka Galleta Dulce, who was going to the same new home. Once they were delivered, we went back to Oro Valley, & picked up Friolita to bring her out here.

This is Twinkie, now known as Tirza & Chili in their new home. They look like they've always been together, except for her occasionally throwing a half kick his way, just to make sure he knows who's boss.

Both Chili & Tirza's families are having health problems & Friolita has health problems. So, we put together an adoption that gave Chili & Tirza's a new home with wonderful people that will continue to spoil them in the style they have been accustomed to. With Chili gone, we had a spot for Friolita to come out here. I might add, she wasn't the least bit interested in leaving her home where she had lived for 8 years. She has only been in a trailer one time years ago, & was fairly tramatized by the whole experience of loading & travelling. When we had Diego here for a couple of days before he went to Texas, John put corral panels around the back of the trailer & we put his food & water in the trailer. By the 2nd day he was flying in & out of the trailer like it was no big deal. We set her up the same way, so hopefully she won't harbor bad thoughts about a trailer. She'll get a chance to get use to the trailer, & also all the other fur kids will get a chance to check her out.

It was dark when we got home, so I'll try to get pictures of her tomorrow. She's a pretty girl, but she's got some problems with her feet. We're all hoping the rougher land out here will give her feet more natural movement. She's been on an acreage, but it is flat & pretty soft living.

Striker the ex-tom cat, struck out on his own the first night we had him home from the vet. We had planned on keeping him in the cage for 5 days to give him time to heal. But he had other ideas & managed to get the door open. Actually he didn't get it open, he managed to get the door pushed out enough at a corner to squeeze out, at least that's what we think happened. The latch was still latched & he was gone. At least he had a whole can of fish/shrimp cat food before he left. We had never seen him before he got in the trap. So the chances are, we probably won't see him again.

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