Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This morning when it was round-up time most of them went where they were suppose to. Last night I noticed Tula was limping on a rear leg just like Frijolita. I have no idea what they are doing to hurt themselves. If it was anyone other than Tula, I might suspect dogs or coyotes were chasing them. But I've seen Tula in action, & don't think most canines would have the nerve to take her on.

Tula might be "gimpy", but she's still the head jenny. Three of the minis went in their pens like little angels. Cheyenne decided she desperately had to stay with Tula. She leaped, & jumped, spun & ran, even jumped over a jolly ball that got in her way to stay by Tula's pen. I went out & chased her towards her pen, & the lightbulb finally went off. She lined up at the gate, I opened the gate & all she had to do was walk in. But, NO............she tried to spin around & take off again. I just happened to be standing in the right place, to grab her mane & put a head lock on her. I'm lucky they've never figured out how much stronger they are than I am. (G) I managed to get enough of her thru the gate, so I could close it. WHEW! I really don't need all this exercise..............!!!!!

Courtney is suppose to come out today to trim some toes. Those victims are still in their pens, which isn't going over very well. I did let Frijolita out, she's too lame to stand on 3 legs long enough to trim, although she is improving slowly but surely. Chester, Judy, Jenny & Pepper are still in their pens. Everytime I go outside, they let me know they have been forgotten.

Judy & I are still fighting the battle of giving her a pergolide capsule twice a day. They must have the most sensitive lips in the world, she sure can pick out the capsules no matter how I hide them. This morning I tried applesause, on a small sandwich of bread. I held it out to her & she took off. So I put it in her hay bunk & walked off. She walked right over & ate it. She is more than willing to take carrots, etc from your hand, so I'm not sure why the unwillingness to eat something that I know has a capsule in it, but she isn't suppose to know. I need to see if she will eat peppermint. If so, I can have them compound her pergolide with peppermint flavoring.

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