Sunday, March 16, 2014


John has been finding teeth caps in the boys feed trough this week.  So far 2 whole ones and a partial, I guess he swallowed the rest of that one.  I don' t know how many teeth they lose as yearlings, but it's kinda fun to find them, almost like Easter egg hunting.........!!! I have a pile of weird and unusual items, from pulled teeth to sialolith cysts, to a tumor causing ingrown eye lash.  I'll just add Wister's teeth to the pile......!!!  LOL

When we have tours come out to see the donkeys one of the most asked questions is, how do you get them back in the pens at feeding time?  Well, this is the view from my kitchen window most mornings.  Getting them in the pens isn't a problem, except they usually have definite ideas about who should go in first.  Almost all of them want to be first, well except for Daisy.  John calls her Blondie, she usually is one of the last ones in because she seems to forget from one feeding to the next where her pen is.  What's funny is, if you pop her on the butt, or yell at her, she immediately remembers where the pen is.......!!!   But then she pouts and usually won't even take her treat.  LOL


Wendy said...

Hi Tish,
I didn't realize donkeys lost teeth caps when they were yearlings! I'll have to watch out for Bell's. ;) I didn't find any of Darby's. However, Darby EATS anything ... maybe those too.

Tish said...

They will lose them later too. I've never kept track of when and how many because most of our animals are at the other end of their lives. I've never found an "old" tooth, not sure when they lose those. I have older ones that are missing teeth, just don't know when they lost them.