Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BOAZ'S VET VISIT........!!


We hauled Boaz into Dr. Nancy's yesterday morning for his knee to get looked at.  She remembers what it looked like a couple of years ago and said she was really amazed at how well it is doing.  

 January 2012

 1st Debridement Jan12

March 10, 2014

It even looked a little better yesterday, less bumpy, but she said it was proud flesh and needed to go.  I was afraid that would be the outcome.  She didn't even have to numb it, just used a scalpel and made sure to stay on the proud flesh, which has no nerves in it.  Just a bountiful blood supply.  

We discussed different ways of keeping it covered if and when it does heal.  It will always have to be covered with something, to protect the scar tissue, which of course has no elasticity and will always be thin.  Since it's on the outside of his knee anytime he lays down it will get mauled.  She recommended mole skin which of course is nice and soft.  But he is so active, (that means he enjoys entertaining the "ladies") that anything we put on him is probably not going to stay unless we figure out a way to keep it from getting rolled up during dismount.........LOL  Maybe something with velcro....???  

First I got to get it completely healed, then I'll worry about permanent coverage.  

Last night after feeding I went thru my used fly masks and hung them in all the pens.  Some of them are pretty torn up, but I'm keeping the good ones for later, when the fly season really gets going.  

John's getting pretty good at getting Gigi's mask off and on, although he does have to put her in the redneck squeeze to put it on.  He can usually get it off without the squeeze.  Haven't tried putting a mask on Rosie yet...........not looking forward to the experience..........!!!!  LOL

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