Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I guess that is a good idea when weather is involved, not much you can do about it anyway.  

Courtney was going to come out and do some trimming and add some epoxy to some feet that need a little help in the support department.  Anyway, yesterday was beautiful, nice and sunny and just about perfect temperature.  

So this morning it is pretty cool, dreary, the humidity must be really high and the moisture from our rain a few days ago, is oozing out of the ground.  Not good for trying to get epoxy to stick to the bottom of a foot.  So I e-mailed Courtney and told her it was her call.  

The problem is, Courtney stays so busy and we are not on her beaten path.  She tries to do us in conjunction with clients in the general vicinity, which means within 20 miles or so.  So now she is trying to move clients around for another day.  

We get spoiled with typical Arizona weather, I think Arizona advertises something like 340 days of sunshine a year.  So when planning something we usually don't even factor in the weather, we just assume it will be nice.  SIGH!

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