Saturday, March 01, 2014

IT'S RAINING...........!!!

COWBOY circa 1888
Guess I owe the weatherman an apology.  It started sprinkling around noon, started raining a couple hours later and at 7pm it's raining pretty good.  It's starting to puddle in the pens, which always makes it fun.  Unfortunately Ruger and Wister don't have a shelter and neither do Coquette and Penny.  Rosie doesn't either, but for tonight we put her in with her friend Gigi.  The way it's raining it may rain all night......!!!!  

This morning we put Rosie in a redneck squeeze, put a halter on her and tied her up.  Moved the squeeze and put a rope around one of her front feet.  As soon as she felt the rope, she lifted her foot.  WOW.......this is going much better than I expected.  Of course we didn't do anything invasive, but I figured she'd explode since she is so explosive.  Maybe Tyler can do her feet out here instead of having to haul her to the vet and put her on the ground.  I'll run it past him and see what he thinks. 

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