Sunday, March 23, 2014


John took this picture of the pretty little pristine car when we got to the track yesterday afternoon.

 I won the main event, BUT the car isn't quite as pretty as it was.....!! LOL  Somebody tried to tear my door off.   We don't race for another month, so John will have time to plan his attack.  He's got a lot of "straightening" to do, unfortunately.   He actually likes to do that sort of stuff.  When we were dating I had the front of my 1950 Chevy pretty well mangled by a 1963 Ford Galaxie.  So John went to the junk yard, got the parts and put it back together, so I wouldn't be without wheels.  My kind of guy...........LOL

See why I need to have a black bumper.....!!!! LOL  A white bumper gathers too much paint from the other cars, if I happen to "accidentally"  bump them. 

After I won and drove under the flag stand to get my trophy, John ran all the way over from the pit bleachers, way on the other side of the track, which is a 3/8's mile track.  It's a wonder he didn't have a heart attack. 

I'll finish this later, our poo picker-upper didn't come today, so John is picking up.  Unfortunately on race nights they are in the pens about 12 hours, which means there is a lot of poo.  He just came in and said he did Boaz and the mule's pen and had to dump the bucket.  We usually get 2 buckets.  Since there are 17 pens, this might be a record.  So I better go help.

It's later and I'm back, and we managed to only have 4 buckets, don't know if that is a record or not.  It's been awhile since I picked up poo and my back said, it wasn't interested in continuing this past time.  I've noticed as I "mature" my body does not appreciate having to do something out of my daily routine.  Actually there's a lot of things it doesn't appreciate......!!! LOL

When we got home about 2am the donkeys were all more than ready to get out of their pens.  A lot of them let John know they had been in pens long enough and wanted OUT.  We've tried to explain to them about how some equine stay in stalls or small pens all the time, but I don't think they care, they just wanted OUT. 

Quilla and Ruger were play fighting this morning, first one would chase and bite neck, then the other one would take a turn.  They played for a long time, until John went out to do round up, that was more important, since they were fed early yesterday.  Quilla seems to be a very good "uncle" for Ruger and Wister, he puts up with their nonsense and seems to enjoy it.  Ruger doesn't always hang out with Ruthie and Wister, but he does spend a lot of time with them, which is why I think they would make a good trio, if I could find a forever home for them. 


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

way to go!

Tish said...

Sure was fun, got to sit for a month to do it again, hopefully.........LOL