Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I had someone ask about the redneck squeeze, she has a vet coming out for a visit and has a little guy that probably won't be impressed with the experience.  I took a couple of pictures last night that hopefully will show how to make one.  

Out here in the southwest we use corral panels.  I know in the rest of the country most people use more real fencing for their pens, but as long as you have a corral panel and a corner, you can make a squeeze.  

This is a corral panel attached to an upright post.

This is the "floating" panel closed up.  When it's closed with a donkey in it, one person can hold it, or it can be tied with a lead or hay string or whatever you have. 

 John used chain on this one

 He used hose (muffler) clamps on this one

This is the squeeze in Rosie's pen, closed up until needed

 This is John and Julianne with Rosarita and a squeeze built with only 1 panel.  Rosarita was taken out of the wild a few weeks before this.  Having "fence" on one side makes it a little more difficult to work with them, but it can be done.  You just have to get them to turn around, so you can work both sides equally. 

This was the first time Julianne had touched Rosarita.  As you can see by her body language she is scared and pushing, but I have never had one freak out or panic or anything like that.  They usually settle down very quickly and don't mind going in it again.  It's almost like the decision is taken out of their "hands", so there's nothing they can do to escape it.  

We don't "run" them in it.  We just get behind them and follow along until they go in.  A good reason to have it in a small pen.........!!!!  Sometimes they will try to back out before you can get it closed up enough, so they can't back out.  You have to learn to move faster......!!!! LOL

Any questions I'll try to answer them. 


Wendy said...

Thank you for the post and pictures on your red neck squeeze. I can see something like that helping me out a great deal with my guy!

Sitting watching today's blizzard out the window... Last one I hope!

Tish said...

I'm looking out at sunshine and 70+ degrees. I know the rest of the country has had a nasty winter, hope this is the last of it for you.

One thing about the squeeze, watch your arms. If you did get one that was a little squirrely, they could jump around and catch your arm. So always be aware of that.

Good luck...!!