Sunday, March 09, 2014

REBA IS NOSY........

I guess Reba, the mule thinks there might be something going on in the back yard, she needs to know about.  She usually is with Rusty and they don't hang out around the house.   I was at the computer when I saw her, picked up the camera and as soon as she saw me, she took off, like she shouldn't be there, so all I got was this one picture.  

The nosiness of donkeys is why we put a wall around the back yard, with a strong gate.  They spent a lot of time, standing on the back porch and looking in the windows to see what we were doing.  When we were building the addition, BlackJack lived in the area once the walls were up.  There was always a breeze coming thru the window and door openings and it didn't take him very long to figure that out.  I think he was disappointed when John put the windows and doors in.  

We went to the first race of the season last night.  It was a World of Outlaws show and the hornets weren't invited to run, our first race is the 22nd of March.  But we heard about some changes this year that doesn't bode well for building up a car count.  By the end of last year none of the classes had an over abundance of cars.  So the word on the street is, this year, they are raising the price of getting into the pits and also will double the amount we pay to draw a number for our starting position in the heat race.  John and I ran a small track on Spangdalem AFB, in Germany in the late 70's.  Granted, trees have died since then, and being on the base there wasn't a profit motive built into the program.............BUT.  We always said you don't raise your prices unless the bleachers are full.  That goes for both the front gate and the back gate.  This track doesn't have fannies in the bleachers or cars in the pits and they are raising prices.....????  Most of us don't think they will survive the year.  I guess the owner wasn't willing to lease to the association that ran the Winter Extreme in January.  They did such a good job of putting on a program and were very generous with their payout, so the drivers were all excited and looking forward to them being in charge.  

I really hope it doesn't close down.  I'm too old to sit around waiting for it to reopen.......LOL

I did see some of the big boys in sprint car racing, like Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell.  I don't care for Sprint cars anything with 800hp and weighing less than 1500 pounds goes so fast it's hard for my little brain to react to what I'm watching.  LOL  And to put it politely, they are prima donnas in the pits, none of the rules like 5mph apply to them.  They bring car haulers that are as long as any over the road truck, with complete garages in them.  "Park in one parking place".........not for them, talk about sprawl........!!!! They can take up 2 parking places and then manage to park their race car sticking out in the driveway thru the pits, so it's hard to drive around them.  I won't even mention the 10-15 people that are sprawling around in their pits with their -bq pits, tables etc.  During the Winter Extreme, we had to pit out in the parking lot, because the Late Models do the same thing and were sprawled all over the place.  But if they bring in enough money and fans to keep our track operating, I guess I'll put up with them.......!!! LOL

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