Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GROOMING DAY.......!!!

Actually this is a good week for the donkeys.  Christa and 2 of her friends came out this morning and groomed whoever wanted to be groomed.  They were all in their pens, so it was rather easy to make sure everyone got a chance to get groomed, if they wanted to be.  I didn't even have them try with Gigi and Rosie, they are still enough of an unknown that I don't trust them with other people.  

I couldn't get over how nice Rusty the white mule looked.  He really enjoys being groomed and he is about the only one that has started to shed, so it really made a difference with him.  He even got his ears cleaned which, I forgot to tell them what a pain he can be about his ears.  He had big globs of dirty ear wax hanging out of his ears, and they are all gone.  

Thursday a Mom and her son are coming out to groom.  Most of the donkeys really enjoy grooming and I wish we had more time to groom them, but we don't.  So I hope they enjoy it while they can.  

This is a good reason to not be reading a list in your hand, while walking in a parking lot filled with vehicles.  I was in WalMart parking lot a couple of days ago, organizing my list as I walked towards the door.   I didn't realize there was a pick-up parked with a piece of old raggedy plywood sticking up out of the bed.  I guess I'm lucky it wasn't a couple of inches higher, or it might have been really nasty.  As it is, I look like I was on the wrong end of a cat fight. LOL


Donna said...

Oh my gosh, I think you were lucky too, so happy you weren't more severely injured. I'm sure you will have a great shiner by morning!

Tish said...

What's funny is, John tried to take a mesquite tree down with the top of his ear about the same time. It looks like it's been chewed on by determined rats. He's telling everyone I bit him........LOL

Donna said...

Hope both of your wounds are healing nicely. It might take some explaining if you are both seen in public together! lol!

Tara said...

Wow Tish that looks nasty. Hope you are feeling better. Tara next door :)

Tish said...

It's looking better already. Haven't heard from you in awhile, thought you might be gone somewhere.