Friday, March 07, 2014


John is doing a jeep tour tonight, so he won't get home until bedtime.  He's done these tours for years and really enjoys telling people about the flora and fauna of the desert and some of the history of the area.  

He gets to dress up like a cowboy and wear a gun.  Lately he's been trying to wear spurs on his civil war Union cavalry  boots.  Somehow wearing spurs to drive a jeep load of tourists seems a little odd to me, but I guess it works, the people love the guys being dressed up.  Each guy dresses as he sees fit, the company doesn't tell them what to wear.  John started out as a modern cowboy, jeans, shirt, boots and cowboy hat.  As time moved on he evolved into a 1870's type cowboy.  One of the guys is Mexican and dresses like a vaquero.  They all have fun playing dress up I guess.  

So, I will be chief cook and bottle washer for feeding tonight.  The donkeys don't understand the difference between 2 people feeding and only 1 little person feeding and get rather impatient.  Once they are in the pens, it doesn't matter, I'M IN CHARGE.............WoooWooo.......!!!  LOL  

I'm still working on Boaz's knee every other day.  There is a very stubborn area in the middle that just refuses to heal, so later this month we're hauling him in for another scraping.  Hopefully this will be the last time.  He's such a good boy about it.  I do wish he'd quit "entertaining" the girls, at least he thinks he is I guess.  I change it every other morning and he manages to mess it all up by evening.  It usually is still covering the wound, but certainly isn't as pretty as it was when I put it on him.  

Heard this morning that Crystal Ward died in a house fire overnight.  She has made DVD's about training donkeys and was quite well known in the donkey world.  Haven't heard what happened or anything.  Mark Myers from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, said she has a will that gives all her donkeys to PVDR.  Not sure how many she had, do know Mark is just getting home with 50 he picked up from the BLM in Utah.  Guess he'll be headed to Placerville, CA pretty quick, unfortunately. 

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