Monday, March 10, 2014


Yesterday afternoon we had 2 couples show up for a tour.  It seems recently this has been happening more often.  We like to know when people are coming, that way we have some sort of control over where the donkeys are.  But if we aren't expecting anyone, the donkeys are usually out roaming around.  If they are on the 10 acres it isn't too difficult to find them, they usually find us since they know the pleasures of having visitors, even if treats aren't involved.  If they are in their pens we give the people cups of pellets to feed them.  But there would be too many opportunities for someone to get hurt if food was involved when they are out,  up close and personal.  They do enjoy all the petting and attention though.  Yesterday John had to ring the bell, most of them were over in Burroland.  I think the people got to see most of them anyway.  Actually I think the people enjoy being "in amongst them", more than seeing them in pens, but if given the choice we prefer the donkeys be in their pens. 

Courtney made it out yesterday afternoon about chore time.  She said she was late because of doing too much talking along the way.  I didn't notice she was late, she usually gets here about chore time.....!!! LOL  

John and I have been working on Rosie lifting her feet.  When she and Gigi came in of course Gigi's feet were beyond horrible, Rosie's were just horrible.  Gigi was of course the priority and she has done very well with her elongated shoe arrangement Tyler put on her.  But it was time to see what we could do with Rosie.  I asked Courtney if she wanted to try.  It was up to her, as we always have Tyler in the "wings" for these adventuresome situations, bless his heart.  He can bring a couple of strong boys with him, Courtney is by herself except for 2 old people that should have better sense.  She said we'd try it, so we put Rosie in the redneck squeeze, got a halter on her, tied her up short, put a rope around a front foot, lifted and ....................... Courtney went to work........!!!!!

Courtney didn't use the power tools there was a limit to what we wanted to throw at Rosie.  But she actually did really well.  No big hissy fit, no drama queen thrashing around and no biting.  The biting was important, the other day we had quite a "discussion" about lunging with mouth open, headed for "MY" arm, when she didn't appreciate me trying to lift her foot with a rope.  I didn't appreciate it and it took 5 or 6 "discussions" to get her to understand it wasn't going to happen.  Thanks goodness she didn't try it on John, he'll stand there flat footed and wonder what happened.  Obviously he's never been bitten badly by an equine.....!!! LOL  If so, he'd be much more alert.  

She didn't mind her foot being lifted with a rope, but Courtney tried to just go in and lift her foot with her hand...........Nope.......not going to happen.  Put the rope around and that's just fine.......!!!  It is so much fun to watch their minds work.

I had not looked at the bottom of her feet, Courtney said the hoof wall had collapsed and it was across the bottom of her feet.  Quilla's feet were like that when he came in.  I guess collapsing like that doesn't cause long term problems, she is walking just fine this morning. 

I took this picture of Boaz's knee yesterday.  That little map of Vietnam in the middle is why we are taking him into the vet later this month for evaluation and probable debriding again.  It is healing, but seems to have reached a level and isn't moving any further.  I have really been impressed with the Source One products.  When we took Pepsi down to his new home, Judy gave me some of the balm and powder, to see if it would help on Boaz's chronic knee wound.  I'm beginning to think the middle is proud flesh, which has been a problem and the Source One is keeping it at bay, but hasn't been able to get rid of it.  So maybe with a little help from the vet we can get this healed. 


Wendy said...

I'd really like to know how you made your redneck squeeze. I have four donkeys (2 standards, 2 minis). You can see my blog by following my link. I have one who is a rescue of sorts - and I've been working with him but know we'll have a vet visit coming up and I'll need more support to keep him safe and restrained. Can you send me some pictures and info about your squeeze? Sure would be helpful. Thanks!

Tish said...

Wendy,e-mail me