Friday, March 21, 2014


We took this picture this afternoon before the one in the 21x was touched up.  John painted it the other day and I hadn't looked at it closely.  I noticed this afternoon that it needed more black on the one, so John said if I'd mark it he'd paint it.  Too bad I didn't notice it before we took the pictures....!!! 

Anyway tomorrow night is the first night of our regular season of racing.  I hope we have a good year and not too many crisis'.  

Last year we just had the BlackJack Racing on the trunk, but this year I had a decal made from a picture I have of BlackJack.  It made a cute decal, but John just about pulled his hair out trying to get it on the car.  The little "hairy" edges didn't want to cooperate.  

It's just about time to drag out the fly masks for all.  A couple are already wearing masks, as they are fly magnets.  We don't have a lot of flies yet, but as warm as it's been, it won't be long.  

I'm trying something different this year.  I've always hung out the nasty smelling fly traps bags as soon as the flies showed up.  Someone told me that since they attract flies, they actually draw flies into you area.  Makes sense, so I'm not going to hang any traps and see what happens.  I got my first order of fly predators from Spalding  last month and the 2nd batch today, so we'll just go with them, for awhile.  

Monday we will take Boaz into the vet to see what she thinks his knee needs to be cut on again.  Poor boy, he just takes it all in stride, he's very easy to work with.  

Well John's shelter experiment isn't going too well.  He found out you can put enough pressure on PVC pipe if you bend it in an arch to break it.  He marching ahead with plan B as soon as he can get to Tucson and get some more PVC.  Not sure where this is going to end up but hopefully the animals will get a shelter eventually.........!!!  LOL
ALL READY TO GO........!!! 

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