Friday, August 02, 2013


Good grief, talk about camera hogs.....!!!!

I was shocked to go in and find out I haven't updated since Sunday.  I guess time flies when you're having fun, or in my case up to my eye-balls in "skin" conditions.

The last few days I've spent a lot of time washing and doctoring assorted legs and in Jack the mini mule's case shoulders chest and belly, plus legs.  I think I am dealing with 7 animals total, let's see, Reba left front knee, Gus, both rear legs, Quilla all 4 legs, Boaz 2 legs and his knee that never has healed.  Coquette, legs and mane area, little Jack's assorted areas, and Cisco, 4 legs, mane and back area.  Of course I have to keep an eye out on the others, because whatever is on their mane/neck area seems to move around.  Never had anything like that before Coquette came here.  It's not sores, some itching, but not really scratch until it bleeds itchy, lots of dry flaky material, you can comb out with a flea comb.  I've been putting Avon Skin so Soft on those areas and it seems to take care of it.  

Back to the leg problems.  I spent most of yesterday afternoon on the internet, prowling around.  I talked to a friend and she mentioned something about equine keratosis............hmmmm........never heard of it.  I know about keratosis on people, which is a type of precancerous scabby sore a lot of people get on their forearms.  Never heard of it in conjunction with equine. 

After wading thru lots of information, I'm beginning to think I have maligned flies all these years.  I have blamed flies for the damage to Quilla's legs and some of the others also have leg damage.  If they in fact have keratosis the flies are drawn to the damaged skin rather than causing the damage.  

One thing I found and haven't been able to find it again which is what usually happens unless I book mark or print out information is............ equine keratosis might be a result of a poor immune system and/or fatty liver disease.........BINGO..........!!!  Quilla has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, the others haven't been diagnosed, but I'd bet money there are some more fatty livers in the bunch.  Cisco's immune system is a mess always has been, and I wouldn't be surprised if Gus doesn't have immune problems.  Last year he had a nasty sore on the front of one of his hocks, that was scraped.  Came up as staph, strep and something else.  I asked the vet where he could get all of that and she said it's everywhere in the dirt & the air, but usually isn't a problem.  Monday we're taking him into the vet for another scraping.  I'd like to think they all have the same thing and one diagnosis will cure everyone, but I doubt it. 

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