Thursday, August 22, 2013


When John and I got married many many years ago, 52 to be exact, I did not know how to cook.  Actually that statement does NOT exactly identify my lack of cooking ability.  I had no idea how to shop for food, prepare it for cooking or whatever was necessary to get it on the table, and certainly wasn't in a position to learn, as I had become corporate.  Well maybe that's a stretch, I started working as a secretary for a real estate company, that built their own subdivision, ran the water company, had the finance and insurance company.  Amazing juggling feat, although in hindsight I see that it was actually while not a scam, probably not on the up and up.  Their own finance company meant the houses were sold on contract for deed, and if the people missed payments it wasn't long before that house was for sale again.  

Enough of that, I was in a learning mode for office work, and cooking was not that important.  John, bless his heart, is not a demanding person when it comes to food, if it's available he'll eat it.  Well, except for bloodwurst, but that's another story.  

I managed to find the canned corn and green beans, probably because they were at close proximity on the shelves, potatoes pretty easy to find, since produce usually takes up one whole wall of a store.  I had never eaten them except at school, but I also managed to find the frozen fish sticks..... Wow, except for having to peel the potatoes, I could throw that stuff on the table without a lot of effort.  So we lived on fish sticks, buttered potatoes, corn and green beans for almost 2 years.  Occasionally I'd really cook using canned beef with cream of mushroom soup over noodles, I think it was some kind of weird beef stroganoff.  Where I got that mess I'll never know, but as I recall it tasted pretty good.  

Tonight we are having a retro dinner, fish sticks, buttered potatoes, and corn.  Trading watermelon for the green beans.  I told John and he's looking forward to it, I told you he was easy to please.  

It is difficult to find fish sticks these days that aren't made out of minced fish, and when you do, they don't really taste as I remember them, but we'll try it and see what happens.  I think I'll pass on the canned beef.....!!!! LOL


Rebecca2 said...

Woman after my own heart -- and cooks just don't understand us.

Tish said...

Actually I did learn to cook & bake, not fancy, but not bad either. Now I've regressed back to not cooking again. Too much ready to eat in the stores, and not enough time in the day. Although I still do beans and cornbread on a regular basis. A mainstay of life to me.......!!! lol