Sunday, August 25, 2013


We have been calling her Frijole Grande, "little bean" she isn't right now.  She has always been a food whore, seems like she can reach someone else's hay bunk no matter how far it is away from the corral panels.  She's been known to push on the panels to get to where she thinks she needs to be.......wherever the food is.   She can also open some of the gates, usually quicker than we can stop her.

Actually the beans on the 10 acres are disappearing quickly.  They are still shaking trees and listening for the wind to blow beans down, but judging from their poo the pickin's are getting rather slim.  They are all still on short rations of hay, so far no complaints, so I assume they aren't that hungry.  

The skin problems are getting better thank goodness.  I started giving Jack the mini mule allergy pills, and he's looking much better, although we still grease him up with Thuja Zinc Oxide every morning.  

Poor old Pepper, the last few times he's been down and thrashed around trying to get up have really been hard on his bony old body.  It seems there are 6 prominent bone protrusions on his shoulder, hip and legs and he has all of them raw and hairless.  The one on his shoulder is really sore, poor old guy.  I am putting Underwood Horse Medicine on them twice a day and they are getting better pretty quick.  But if he goes down again, (he was down yesterday) he'll tear up all the healing.

I ordered a Sleazy Stretch Pajama for him yesterday.  Found a cheap one to see if I can rig up something to help protect those areas.  The PJs fit real tight, which in itself might be a problem, then of course there is getting caught on trees and bushes.  But it's bright purple, so hopefully we'll be able to find him easier when he's down.  I've thought of attaching a foam circle on the inside of the PJs, at least on the shoulder, that would go around the sore area.  That way if he goes down there wouldn't be as much pressure on it.  I'll see, when it gets here, if I can come up with something brilliant.......well maybe just effective......!!! LOL

We have discussed Pepper a lot.  We will not let him lose his freedom and his ability to be Pepper.  He has such a strong personality, but I'm afraid his body is going to give out before he's ready to go.  Not something I like to think about, but is the reality of the situation.  In a perfect world, we would go out one morning to find him gone on his own.  He's such an energizer bunny, mentally I doubt that will ever happen.  We will do whatever necessary to allow him to be himself as long as possible.  But we will not torture him to keep him here. 


The Dancing Donkey said...

I think I have one of the sleezy shoulder guards that I am not using. I will send it to you if you would like it. It is horse size so I am not sure if it will be useful to you, but maybe too big is a good thing. If you would like it, just let me know and I will hunt it down. (Unless I already gave it away and don't remember, the mind isn't quite what it ought to be:)

Tish said...

Thanks for offer, I'm not really sure what I'm dealing with until I get the sleezy & see if I can figure out a plan. If it's a horse size it would probably be too big, and out here in the brush he'd probably get it caught on something. He's just skin and bones, he's had Cushings for years on pergolide and for the most part eats well. But it doesn't turn into muscle or fat. I'm hoping this one is going to be tight enough to not get caught. Thanks for the offer, it's almost worth sending you on a "where is it" hunt just to see if you can find it. Don't you just hate to know you have something and can't find it? Sounds like you aren't even sure you still have it... wouldn't that be fun? LOL

The Dancing Donkey said...

Now I am probably going to have to go look just because! Otherwise it will turn into one of those stupid things that goes through my mind at 4 in the morning when I should be sleeping. If I find it, I'll try it on Emma and Ramsey, see how it fits and if it could be made into useful donkey-wear. If nothing else, it will give those two devils something to play with for a bit:)

Tish said...

Good luck......!!! LOL