Thursday, August 15, 2013


Going up to Phoenix today for the meeting with the State Vet.  All the equine rescues & sanctuaries in Arizona were invited, I hope they take this opportunity to see what the state's position is on laws & rules pertaining to rescue & animal abuse.   

Took Boaz, Ruthie and Wister to their weed control "gig" yesterday afternoon.  They hopped out of the trailer & went to work.  Well, we had Boaz on a lead until we explained his skin conditions that will need to be monitored & doctored.  Karla & Rodney doctored his knee last year, so know what to do with that.  But he has some of the "unnamed hair removing crud" on his legs.  So we handed them a bottle of Listerine, as per vet instructions after showing them what it looks like, and turned him loose.  It didn't take him long to catch up with the "family".  

Karla said if she gets a chance she will do a little training with Wister.  I must admit I have been lax with "manners" training lately.  It's been so hot and icky it's been too easy to say I'll do it tomorrow.  I did write it on the board in the feed room..........."train Wister", but that didn't seem to get the job done.  

We left him at liberty to follow Ruthie into the trailer, which didn't work.  He stood outside the trailer like, "what are you doing in there Mom?"  Put a halter on him, no big deal.......lead.......hmmmmm "have I ever done this before?"  Well it HAS been awhile.  And he seems to be in the "terrible 2's" part of his growing up right now.  That means a definite lack of cooperation.  He's not bad or mean about it, just doesn't want to do it.  So if Karla does a little work with him, it shouldn't take long for him to remember, that he has in fact done this before and it was no big deal. 

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