Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Got this from Mike's wife Teresa this morning.  This is the logo on shirts they've had made up for the Walk in September.  They are in white only, this will be on the back and Tombstone, AZ will be on the front.  They haven't figured out the postage cost yet, but the shirts will be $10.  I'll put out a link once they get the total cost, in case anyone would like to get one.  The money will go towards buying all terrain wheelchairs for veterans, that want to be able to go out away from the sidewalks and enjoy nature as they did before becoming wheelchair bound.  The chairs cost about $15,000 each, Mike and Zeke would like to raise money for as many chairs as they can, and also a few bucks for Zeke's fellow donkeys.   

Speaking of fellow donkeys, it's amazing how much more interested they are in coming in at feeding time, now that they are "trapped" on the 10 acres.  There are beans here, just not quite as many.  John checked Burroland today and the cattle haven't "discovered" the open gates yet, so he sweetened the deal with piles of salt in the middle of each gate opening.  It shouldn't take them long to find the salt and hopefully all the beans too.  John said you can't imagine how many beans are on the ground over there, not to mention how many are still up in the trees.  This has really been a good year for beans, for some reason.  Last year we didn't have very many at all.  

This afternoon Jack & Molly the mini mules were doing their running thing again.  They sure get those short little legs moving, I don't see how they keep from running into trees or rocks, as fast as they go. 

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