Friday, August 16, 2013



This is BlackJack & I when Jamie Williams was out and took a lot of pictures last month.  Let me just say this morning our relationship wasn't quite so "touchy feely".

I prefer not to clip BJ if I can help it.   Although we don't know for sure, he looks a lot like a French Poitou donkey.  Drafty built, with a hairy body and long ears.  Unfortunately this year not only does he have mats, he also has some of the still un-named skin crud on his legs.  

I was just going to use scissors and hack out mats, but when I discovered crud in 5 or 6 different places, I decided to go ahead and clip. 

He was all cooperative until the clippers touched his belly.  He wasn't really difficult, but he wasn't going to stand still either.  I tried to explain to him how silly he looked, jumping around like a grasshopper, with me trying to stay in contact with my clippers......!!! SIGH!  

I did what I could with the clippers, and finished up with scissors and a wire slicker brush.  Gooped up his scaly places, thank goodness they aren't wet or raw.  

Now he has bare spots with no hair here and there, one on a front leg, is about the size of my hand.  He's black, and his skin is black, so it's not that noticable, except it's surrounded by lots of hair.  He looks rather moth eaten, so I might go ahead and clip his legs.  We'll see how it goes.  

Went to the meeting yesterday in Phoenix.  I actually got there early, easy to find which is good.  I usually don't have much trouble finding places, but usually I'm navigating and John is driving.  Being by myself adds another level of "where am I and where am I going" to the adventure.  

Had a good representation of Arizona rescues, although there were a lot of them that didn't come.  My thought on dealing with government bureaucracies is, the more warm bodies in their space, the more attention they hopefully will pay to your "concerns".  I will always go to any meeting, so there is a good head count even if I don't know what's going on.  LOL   They had questions submitted in advance, so they could have answers ready.  I can't say we came out of the meeting with a lot of accomplishment, it was disappointing to hear their position on getting involved in ongoing starvation and/or cruelty situations.  Like most bureaucracies if confronted with, "why don't you do this, or how come this isn't done", their first line of defense is............."we don't have the money, or resources".   And as usual the animals don't have a voice. 

On the way up to Phoenix I stopped at my latest favorite fast food place.  I have to say first I have not eaten hamburgers in probably 30-40 years.  When they stopped making patties by hand, throwing a paper thin piece of tomato, 2 pickles and a wilted piece of lettuce in the general vicinity of the meat and bun, I decided it wasn't really worth the effort.  A few months ago John went to Tucson by himself and tried one of the new chains that has come into Tucson the last couple of years, In 'n Out Burger.  Came home raving about it, hmmm I will be the judge of that.....!!!  Next time we went to Tucson we ate lunch at one.  It's not a hand made patty, but it is a very tasty hamburger, has a great big piece of sweet onion on it, thick slice of tomato, and a chunk of lettuce.  Even has a little grease on the bun.....!!  I wouldn't even need the meat.....!!! LOL  Very limited menu, hamburger, cheeseburger, doubles, french fries, and that's just about it..........!!!  Fast service, good prices, and tastes good, couldn't ask for more for a quick lunch. 

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