Tuesday, August 20, 2013



I don't mind picking them off if I can find them, but I refuse to squash them, that is John's job.  He's such a softie he doesn't like to do it either, but he will.  

They are really hard to see.  I usually look for the little black poo pieces on the courtyard under the leaves.  Poop means there is a worm above the area.  Even then they are hard to find.  Someone told me they come in pairs & a couple of days ago I finally figured out what they meant.  

If you figure out where to look there will be a small dot that looks like a dot of "white out" on the stems.  There is always 2 within about 2 or 3 inches of each other.  If you smear them, it's soft and very easy to destroy.  Must easier than when they get 2 or 3 inches long, fat & squirmy...........UGH......!!!

Heard from Josie that got the 7 wild donkeys from the state auction a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately one of the jenny's died from internal infection, but the other 6 are doing well.  Josie called a couple of nights ago, to tell me one of the jennies had gotten out of the fenced area and they hadn't been able to find her.  My brilliant idea was to put up flyers, it's not easy to come up with a good idea, when the animal is wild and probably doesn't want to be caught.  The only saving grace was the fact that her family including a half grown son were still inside the fence.  

Sure enough Josie called this morning to tell me when they went out yesterday morning she was beside the fence & was nursing her little boy thru the fence.  They used hay and an open gate to get her where she needed to be.  

Looks like we might be going on another adventure to set her up with a corral panel squeeze like we did with Julianne and her 2 girls.  Trying to tame 6 animals at one time in one place is impossible & a squeeze will make it much easier on them and on Josie. 

Julianne has been keeping us up to date on how the girls are doing.  It sounds like they are really coming around, fly masks on and off, wiping eyes, worming, brushing, taking treats and braying at "hay" time.  Well that braying thing wasn't a real big hit with one of Julianne's horses, I guess the first time she brayed he came out of the barn terror strickened.  From what Julianne says, Consuelo has a rather robust bray, which he wasn't ready for. 

Our fur kids are all doing pretty good right now, although they aren't the least bit happy with the gate to Burroland being closed.  Yesterday Reba the big red mule, instead of going into her pen as she usually does, took John on a walk about over to the gate.  She looked over her shoulder at John as if to say, "hey stupid, does this look right to you?  FIX IT..........."  Which of course he didn't do, much to her disgust.  They've all been over there at one time or another usually yelling to let us know it isn't right.  

John opened the gates, but so far the range cattle haven't figured it out.  One of the neighbor's called yesterday because they saw the gate open.  It's a good thing when you have observant neighbors like that. 

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