Monday, August 26, 2013


I got a call from Karla this morning.  Karla and Rodney have Boaz, Ruthie and Wister for weed control for the next month or so.  It seems they had company last night and when the man left, he didn't close the gate.  I'm sure you know where this little story is going.  

When they went out this morning not a donkey in sight.............PANIC..........!!!  Karla called and about the only suggestion I had besides trying to find tracks to see which way they went, was to put up flyers at the local convenience store and call the sheriff's office.  

John and I were suppose to deliver some brochures to Teresa and Mike in Tombstone.  Tombstone is having a big get together this week-end and they will set up a table to let people know about Mike and Zeke's walk for Wounded Warriors and Zeke's fellow donkeys, starting the 24th of September starting an Ash Fork, AZ ending in Kingman, AZ.  

John said he'd take the trailer and go help them find the donkeys, and I could go to Tombstone, which is what we did.  Went to the bank and the teller ask me if I knew my driver's license expired today?  No actually I didn't, who keeps track of this stuff......!!!!  So that got added to my list of "things to do today".  

I was gone longer than I had planned, cringed when I opened the mailbox and the mail hadn't been picked up, but I perked up a little when I noticed the gate was unlocked.  Came in, asked John if they found them.  He said it took less than an hour.  They found some tracks, so they had a direction to go, but John decided to drive around in ever larger circles and Karla went with him.  They came across a man that asked them if they were looking for 3 donkeys......!!!  What would be the chance of 3 other donkeys being out there roaming around, so they knew they were on the trail.  They headed the direction the man said the donkeys went, and came across Boaz by himself headed back for the house.  They called Rodney, who was keeping the home fires burning, so to speak, he went out to the gate to herd him in, but John said that wasn't necessary, Boaz knew where he was going.

They went out again, Boaz had come off of some state trust land with grass about waist high, EVERYWHERE.  John said you couldn't hardly see the ground.  He said he looked way off in the distance & saw some ears.  Unfortunately Ruthie wasn't all that excited to see them, but she finally let John put a halter on her.  Got a halter on Wister and headed back to the trailer.  Ruthie wasn't interested in going in, Wister hopped right in, so then Ruthie thought she better go in too.  Back to the house, and John headed home, said he didn't even get to pet Boaz.  I guess once Boaz went in the yard and Rodney closed the gate he started braying and trying to get Ruthie to come to him.  John said you could hear him real good, but all Ruthie did was raise her head and look that direction.  That's usually what the jennies do when the guys get all excited about something. 


Witcheylady said...

How do you handle the stress?
I would have not been able to function until the donkeys were

Tish said...

We never know what we'll find when we get up in the morning, so this is just more of the same......!!!! LOL