Friday, August 09, 2013


Obviously these guys have WAY too much time on their hands to think up new ways to entertain themselves......!!!!  And one of them isn't very bright....!!!  Guess which one........???  I wonder if he ever had children.........????

Wister has a new name as of this morning.  He obviously had a close encounter with a skunk last night.  His momma still loves him, John and I not so much, at least until the smell wears off. 

Tomorrow morning after chores we're going into Tucson to help a woman that got a couple of the burros the state auctioned off a few weeks ago.  It sounds like one of them has a bad infestation of habronema larvae on her face and she is not the least bit interested in having it treated or wearing a fly mask.  So we're going in to see if we can help.  Patti, is going with us, so we'll have a good pair of extra hands if needed.

I'm finally getting a handle on the skin issues.  Not sure if it's my "wonderful" nursing ability, or if the problems have just ran their course..!!!! LOL  Who knows, maybe Listerine does work.   

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