Friday, May 03, 2013



This is what Daisy looked like earlier this morning.  One of the physical changes Cushings disease causes is a excessive amount of hair growth.  So every spring or early summer we have a date with the clippers, so she is more comfortable when it's 100 degrees.  

She's a very good girl, stands like a statue, EXCEPT, when I do her face.  Have to take the halter off & of course the noisy clippers are right by her ears & eyes, not pleasant I'm sure.  I had John hold her with a rope around her neck, which ended up with her taking him on a "walk-a-bout".  I hooked the halter around her neck which gave him a little more leverage & we finally got it done.  


She does look more comfortable, but from the set of her ears I'd say this wasn't what she had planned for the morning........!!!  I left her lower legs hairy to help keep the stable flies at bay.  They haven't really got going yet, but they will.  I've already put "barriers" on both Gus & Quilla.  In fact that is Gus standing behind her, (much to her disgust) with his tube socks pulled up above his knees.  I have to put polo wraps on Quilla, he can go thru a pair of socks in one night, Gus isn't quite as rambunctious. 

My Daddy bred, raised & showed Cocker Spaniels in the 50's when I was a girl.  There is a reason he didn't ever let me clip the show dogs I think....!!! LOL  Pictures sometimes lie, if you look close up, she looks like she's had a run in with a buzz saw, well maybe not that bad, but it certainly wasn't a flattering hair cut.  But it will make her cooler, which is what is important.  Noticed my clippers need to be sharpened before I use them again.  One of the first things they tell you when using clippers is, make sure the animal is clean.  Donkeys idea of clean is a recent dust bath, so clippers don't stay sharp very long. 


Unknown said...

I just recently posted about clippers too. Mine didn't turn out quite so nice.

Tish said...

How funny..... don't you just love to see their little brains twist in the wind? Donkeys are less reactive than horses, thank goodness or I'd probably get squashed......!!!!

Janet said...

Good Job, Tish.... wish I could have been there to help!

Tish said...

Me too, my wrists weren't happy.....!!! LOL