Tuesday, July 05, 2011


This is Smokey going for his first "pony" walk.  That is Tom riding a horse of all things, didn't even know he had horses.....!!! LOL  

Smokey was # 5 & when we loaded them, he is the only one Tom couldn't get a halter on, so he roped him.  He really wasn't mean or anything, like the others he just hadn't had any training at all.  He was the youngest about 2-3 & is the one that got beat up when Tom turned them out of the trailer, that night.  One of the brothers that are going to be trained to pull a wagon, didn't like him at all & was pretty adamant about it.

The other 5 have all went to their new homes, & Tom has checked on them.  Everyone is pleased, & busy working with them.  They all are really like a blank slate, since they haven't been worked with, they are really open to being led anywhere someone wants to take them.  

Tom said the first outing with Smokey went real good, once he figured out the world wasn't going to attack him.  He said he was really glad to get home though.  Guess he isn't real curious about the outside world right now.  Poor little guy, he's had a lot of changes in his life in the last month or so.  I think Tom likes having a project &  Smokey will turn out to be a wonderful riding donkey before it's over I bet.

We're getting back in the groove I guess, although every place I look there's something that needs to be done.  Guess it will get done, sooner or later, or not....!!!!  LOL

Sha'ba is doing better, although this morning I "removed" a big habronema larvae.  I told John I should have had him taking pictures, this sucker was huge.  Sometime I'd like to have someone explain the life cycle of a habronema, when they hatch out someplace other than a stomach, & what their MO is.  Years ago I read that they can winter over & survive for months, don't know if that is true or not.  Can they hatch & grow to the size of a grain of fat rice in a week?  When they get that large you would think you could just pluck them out of the crater they are in.  But they seem to latch on with hooks or something.  If I stick a needle into one to pull it out, Sha'ba kicks, so I assume it hurts him.  But the needle isn't touching him, & it takes more effort than just pulling it out, so I assume they latch on someway.  

Everyone else are doing good, although the flies are terrible right now.  I wish Pepper would eat all his mush though.  Right now he's only eating about half of what he usually eats.  He does this periodically & there is nothing I've found to change his mind. 


Anonymous said...

my dads cows used to get worbles in there backs in the summer, they would come out like big grub worms, it must have hurt because when they were working out the cows would run like something was after them. I guess there is another name for these but that is what we called them in ohio. they were caused by flies laying eggs in the fall and they came out in the spring.

Tish said...

I've heard of worbles, seen pictures of them & that's enough for me.......Ugh! They are gigantic....!!! The habronema only get about the size of a grain of rice, but seem to really cause itching. I think that has a lot to do with sensitivity to them for some reason & also a poor immune system. When they are handing out grant money to study something, I wish someone would take these little monsters on.