Friday, July 08, 2011


He's got a ways to go, but he does seem to be thinning down pretty good.  His friends from Phoenix came down to visit him again yesterday.  Sheryl's son Matthew didn't get to come the first time.  They thought he looked pretty good & was glad to see he isn't in his boots now.  They groomed on him, & quite a few of the others.  I think they brushed Daisy many times.  Once she figured out there was brushing being offered she made sure she was wherever the brushing was going on.  

After grooming they walked around & he was willing to follow them down below the house where the other donkeys were.  I told them he is the first donkey we've had that is satisfied to stand in his pen most of the day.  All the donkeys we've ever had, always went out as soon as their gates were opened.  Even Jenny when her feet were so horrible 4 years ago, as soon as she could stand for any length of time, would hobble out the open gate.  Of course a lot of times she would get so far out, it would take us a LONG time to get her back to her pen.

Speaking of Jenny, she just blew an abscess out the coronet on her right front foot.  She didn't limp or anything. Usually with an abscess they are 3 legged lame until the darn thing blows out.  Then this morning I noticed she's "gimping" on a rear foot.  I looked it over & didn't see anything, except the fact that she has no existing frog to speak of.  I wish the people that mess these animals up, could see the long term results of their ignorance & neglect...........!!! 

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