Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just going to the vet for x-rays didn't sound like a "Kodak" moment, so I didn't. 

Since we had an appointment to take Gus in for x-rays, when we picked up Falena with her turned under hoof, I called to put her on the schedule too.

Her x-ray showed no joint damage, in other words a good looking foot, that just happens to turn under when she walks.  Nancy said she had just seen Tyler a farrier than has done some trimming for me in the past in the area.  She called him & he was there in less than 5 minutes ready to put a shoe on her.........!!!!!   WHAT?  I'm about as anti-shoe as they come unless they are being worked a lot on rough ground, & that's usually for horses, certainly not for donkeys.  He said he has seen this quite a lot in donkeys, & in fact has a little mini with both front feet turned under, poor little thing.  He said that little guy will always have to wear shoes, but he walks normal with them on.  And he said sometimes they can wear shoes for awhile & walk normally once the shoes are removed.  

Worth a try, so he went to work.  He put a shoe on that was longer in the front than her hoof.  Then he used an epoxy that mixes in the tube, comes out hot & when it cools off is as hard as hoof material.  Being long like that she can't turn her foot under very easy & ends up walking on it normally, with just a little hitch to her stride.  He said sometimes they actually end up not having to wear the shoe, but not always. He'll check her in 6 weeks & see how she's doing.  I'm sure willing to give it a try if it might give her a chance at a normal life.

I sent copies of Gus' x-rays to Courtney, but haven't heard back yet on what she thinks of them.  They don't look much different than his old x-rays to me, but then again I don't do very good at reading x-rays anyway.   


Anonymous said...

is Falina walking better or does she want to try to walk with the shoe?

Tish said...

She's walking just fine with the shoe, in fact this morning when we let her & Selena out of their pen, they headed for Burroland at a rapid clip........!!! I'm giving her bute but she doesn't even act sore, & I'm sure the tendons are getting stretched.