Saturday, July 16, 2011



Should be a fun day............s/o.....!!!!  A woman that lives down by Douglas called a few days ago.  There have been 2 burros hanging around where she lives for awhile & she lives close enough to a highway she & the neighbors are afraid they will get out on the road.

I asked a few questions & found out real quick, that she isn't a donkey person......!!!  She's doesn't know how big they are, what sex they are or anything that would help us figure out what to do.  She fed them lettuce as a treat over the fence, so I assume they aren't "wild eyed" wild, thank goodness. 

She has an fenced in area but it has 4 pine trees in it, that she doesn't want eaten, can't disagree with that.  None of her neighbors have an area to contain them, she said anyone that has a fence, has dogs behind the fence.  

Soooooooooo our plan of attack is, we are taking down corral panels to be used hopefully to make a chute to get them in the trailer when the time comes.  Barbed wire & T-posts to protect the pine trees, a bale of hay, & a water bucket.  They don't come by at the same time everyday she said, so we'll get the trees fenced & it will be up to her to get them in the area & the gate closed.  Then we'll go back down & pick them up.........!!!  

Tomorrow it's suppose to be 110* in Tucson, & I'm sure it will be appropriately hot down there........!!!  Perfect weather to be pounding in T-posts as John has already "mentioned" as he was loading corral panels in today's heat. 

Hopefully when we go back, they will be geldings or jennies rather than jacks, & will not be opposed to "hopping" in the trailer...............yep, that's what I hope, we'll see........!!


Susan & Joe said...

I am guessing intact jack and pregnant jenny, just for fun ...

Tish said...

hmmmm, 2 pg jennies would be almost as much fun............!!!! LOL