Saturday, July 09, 2011

ROPING DONKEYS.........!!!

The last couple of days on the Donkey Mule Info Yahoo Group we have been having a "discussion" about roping donkeys.  I "kinda" started it, because a friend e-mailed me an ad off Craigslist selling roping donkey.  

What a lot of us do in these situation is send the info to the Yahoo groups we belong to, & the owner get e-mails sometimes LOTS of e-mails explaining the other side of donkey roping whether they want to read it or not.   

For some reason a woman that belongs to the group, decided to take a stand, because we were accusing innocent people of something they might not be doing, maybe they were using silk ropes, & maybe the donkey liked it..........!!!! HUH! 

We haven't heard from her today, but yesterday she got a lot of messages from a lot of different people concerning her lack of I guess you might say, common sense.  

One of the moderators e-mailed some files that have been on the Group site since 1999.  Some of you might be familiar with Throcky's famous picture of one of his little minis with his head stuck in a refrigerator.

Anyway, while the subject isn't pretty I wanted to put the information out there for anyone that might know about roping donkeys, but aren't really sure what it means. 

I particularly like the woman at the end rooting for I assume one of the ropers, certainly not the donkey..


This is Brownie in 1999 just a baby........!!!!    I asked Throcky what happened to her, as most roping donkeys don't have much longivity.  He said he thinks a woman in the group, that had gotten her away from the ropers, I don't know how, sent the picture to the group.  I hope her life has been all it could be since then.

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Pretty Damn Sad!