Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just got back from the emergency room.  When I got up this morning my leg at the knee & below all the way to the toes, looked like an overstuffed sausage casing.  I helped with chores as best I could, but when John got done, he dragged me kicking (well not kicking very high) & screaming to the emergency room.

To make a long story short, after x-rays the doctor came in with the good news, that my knee is broken.............!!!!  It's some little bone on the outside, I think it's the tibia, that has the head snapped off.  So I came home with goodies, like crutches & a knee immobilizer.  The first knee thingy the nurse brought out was so big I could have lived in it, so told her we might do better with a child's size, if they had one.  I've never used crutches before & to say there's a learning curve is an understatement.........!!!!  Frankly I think they are more dangerous than the 2 canes I was using, I tend to over balance on them.

So I guess I'll find out what is next. This is when it would be real helpful if we had a couple living on the property in their RV.  I'm helping do chores as much as I can, but the bulk of work, John has to do.  Everyone is doing pretty good right now, hope it stays that way.  

We don't race this Saturday, but we do race next Saturday.  I already know I can push with that foot from driving the golf carts around, so if I can get in the car, I should be able to race.  John says he can cut the door down about 4 inches to give me more room to squeeze in.  This is information you don't share with the doctor.  My position is, if he doesn't tell me not to do it, I'm free to do it if I want to........!!!   It was bad enough to see the look on the nurse's face when I told her how I hurt my knee...............!!!! LOL


Donna said...

YOU are the toughest cookie I know! Take care of yourself and don't overdo, but I totally understand you can't just sit down. I really am sorry you were injured.

Tish said...

Not sure about tough, maybe not too bright sometimes..............!!!! LOL

Susan & Joe said...


Please try to take it easy till you heal.