Friday, July 22, 2011

Had a couple of "horsey" friends visit yesterday.  Even though they both have "ear challenged" equines, they enjoyed walking around & visiting with the donkeys.  The donkeys of course didn't realize they were my friends rather than being an organized tour, & crowded around to see if they might have treats.  Even Falena & Selena figured it out real quick.  Actually I haven't noticed them missing much that goes on around here.  They are still staying by themselves most of the time.  Gus seems to have given up on hanging out with them, although Quilla still checks them out periodically. 

After we visited with the donkeys, Patti & Joyce wanted to see the race car, so I asked them if they wanted to go for a ride.  They're both the adventurous type, so I took each of them out to the mail boxes on the main road & back.  They both really had fun, although they did complain about having to crawl thru the side window opening.  They both managed to make it though, I told them if they do it a few times it really helps with flexibility.........!!!!  (G)


Patti said...

Next time I'll be sure to have something in my pockets!

Tish said...

That might help with the donkeys, but certainly won't help get you thru the side window....!!! LOL