Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Went to the orthopedic specialist yesterday & was told if I was a good girl for 4 weeks in an immobilizer knee brace, I probably wouldn't need surgery.  So I guess I better be good & not push the issue.  He wants no weight bearing on it at all & I doubt that pushing on a gas pedal & getting bounced around would pass muster.  He also didn't approve of the brace they put on at the emergency room & now I know why.  The new one goes from ankle to thigh & is about as graceful as carrying around a log.  Very awkward to say the least.  

I'm still helping John feed by mixing up the supplements & driving with golf cart when he feeds hay.  I've learned how to drive it using my left foot.  

So I'll miss 2 race days, luckily we don't race then for 3 weeks.  I tried to talk John into driving it & he said why should he make more work for himself..........!!! LOL  I just thought he might like to see what it's like out there.

The animals don't seem to miss me, right now they are finding quite a few mesquite beans to eat & aren't all that interested in coming in & eating.  Quite a few of them are showing lots of beans in their poo, so far none of the fatties.  But it's about time for some of them to be in pens until the beans are gone.  We're restricting them from Burroland at night.  They're out about 12 hours at night & about 9 hours during the day.  So John closes the gate at night, which cuts down on their eating time over there.  If that doesn't cut down on beans in poo, in the pens they will go.  Hate to do that, makes more work for John & makes for cranky donkeys that think they are being mistreated. 

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