Thursday, July 14, 2011

SILLY OLD BOY.............!!!

BlackJack has decided that Tula is his type of gal.........!!!  This morning when John went for round-up, everyone came in except those two.  Tula really hates the way the other donkeys follow her around & will not go in her pen as long as anyone is "stalking" her.  So she will not even come over from Burroland, or if she does she does it at the last minute & expects one of us to head them off, because she REALLY hates it when they follow her into HER pen. 

Her loyal subject stayed right with her, when she went in her pen, & when John ran him off, he went to the other side of the pen to try to find a way to get in.  Then he went on the other side of Jack's pen to see if there might be an opening there.  

This is so funny because BJ was gelded when he was about 10 years old, & has never shown any interest in the girls at all.  In fact he prefers horses & mules to donkeys most of the time.  So now he's decided that donkey girls are pretty neat...........or at least this one?  Wonder how long his new found interest will last? 


Anonymous said...

Too funny about Black Jack & Tula...
I have been meaning to comment on your recent posts. If Gus' hooves are half way grown out now, how much new growth do you think he'll have when we bring him home in Sept.?

Tish said...

I don't think they'll be completely grown out by then, we'll just have to see.