Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th July Parade - From the Donkey Yahoo Group

Last night Jenny came in real slow & stumbling around on a front foot.  John checked her feet & she was sloughing a piece of sole.  So we got out the hoof knife, nippers, & hoof pick.  While we have all the tools, using them is another thing.  Usually one of us has to hold the foot & the other has to do the work.  And Jenny isn't the most patient "victim" when it comes to working on her feet.  She will give you the amount of time she thinks it should take, & if you go over that time, she gets snitty about it.  And she is big enough to make her point, if she wants to. 

The piece of sole came off pretty easy, but then I found a couple of rocks caught in her white line.  Picked them out, & found come crumbly white line & then some questionable dark stuff that didn't smell very good in the white line.  So she got soaked with White Lightening.  This morning it looks pretty good. Courtney has left her feet long because she seemed to walk better with the extra length, but right now all of their feet are growing fast, & her's are flaring & because the insides are so messed up, growing long in some places & splitting in others.  Courtney might have to give her a normal trim next time, to get her thru the monsoon season...........which so far has been heat & humidity & very little rain...........!!! 

Gus has an appointment to get his feet x-rayed before Courtney trims him again to see what's going on in there.  He seems to be walking around more, but still doesn't move like he's really comfortable.  The new growth coming in seems to be nice & strong, but he's still got about 1/2 of the foot that needs to grow out to get rid of the old stuff.  

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