Thursday, July 21, 2011

GIRLS ARE OUT.....!!!!

Falena & Selena went out yesterday morning.  Gus' friends from Phoenix came down to visit him again & were here for the "outing".  I opened the gate & they blew past us like we weren't even there, didn't even check us out for treats, which for these girls is unusual.  They definitely known what treats are, but I guess freedom is more important......!!! 

Gus spent most of the afternoon hanging out with them, except when Sheryl would entice him to come to her.  It was really hot yesterday, getting ready for the over an inch of rain we got last night I guess........!!!!  YIPPEE!  

Of course the rain started just about the time John went out to start the round-up.  It's always "interesting" to get the new ones back in their pens the first time.  Not a problem in these girls case, they saw John, here they came & followed him right in.   

I don't think they've made it over to Burroland yet.  One time we heard thundering hooves, & they were running like something was chasing them.  Sure enough Quilla was hot on their trail.  I don't know if he ever caught up to them or not, he was losing ground fast when they came by us.   Falena might have a deformed hoof, but it certainly doesn't slow her down. 

Of course with the rain, nobody wanted to come in.  John finally got all but 6, & by the time we were ready to feed hay, 4 of those had shown up.  All put Tula & her handmaiden Daisy.  Daisy use to hang with Frijolita & Jenny, but lately she's attached herself to Tula.  Went ahead & fed, & they still hadn't shown up.  It was getting dark, so John went over & did a quick walk thru, didn't see them.  So I went over for one last shot, & found them about 30 feet from the gate.  Told Tula to get moving & they went thru the gate.  Instead of going across the wash & to their pens, Tula took a left turn behind the chicken pen & of course her slave went with her.  By this time it was dark enough that I lost track of them.   I guess they double backed on me & went back into Burroland because we never did find them...........!!!! 

Of course this morning they came in with everyone else.  I hope they were hungry all night long...............  I know that didn't happen, the mesquite beans are starting to ripen & fall, so I'm sure they were very happy out there.  

We're watching poo for beans, so far Jenny & Rusty are eating beans.  They are the tallest ones, so we figure they are picking them off the trees before they fall.  When the beans start falling, we'll have to put the ones proned to foundering in pens until the others gets the beans eaten.  Believe me that makes for real cranky donkeys............!!!

OBTW, the livestock inspector hasn't called me back, are you as shocked as I am?  I'm sure 2 stray donkeys  don't rate very high on their scale of importance.

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