Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm not exactly much help these days with my bum knee, & we have a situation that needs to be made better for 4 donkeys.  

We went out this afternoon to figure out the situation.  The woman said a man had come out & said they were not salvageable, & he could butcher them on the spot if she wanted.  OMG.........!!!!  What kind of people are there in the world...........some of them are obviously on a parallel planet that I never want to be on.  

The couple had gotten in touch with us & I told her we were full, but this situation started us figuring out who could move & what pens could be used for 4 donkeys, actually 2 pens for 3 jennies & an intact jack.  

All 4 of them are unhandled, never haltered or led, never had their feet picked up, nothing.  They are friendly enough in fact I think it was Louise latched onto John & I think she would have gotten in his hip pocket if she could have figured out a way.  Of course her feet are about 12 inches long.  Thelma's feet are flared all around like a plate.  But neither of them look like they have been foundered, they just haven't been trimmed & are on soft ground.  

Beau's feet aren't bad, although he does need "brain" surgery, he's just a little over 2 years old which is just about the time the jacks really start feeling like they are the answer to a maiden's prayer.  Which is why I told the people that they might have 4 donkeys on the ground, but they probably actually have 7...........!!!!!   I've always said I wouldn't have a jack on the property, but it is too hot & too many flies this time of year to geld him.  But we'll figure it out, he'll probably go in Max's old pen, it's the best pen we have.  

That leave poor little Mocha, she's also about 2 years old, the older jennies were PG when the people got them, & they didn't even know it.  She probably was born with some foot or joint problems.  One front foot is really clubbed, & the other 3 are knuckled over with her walking on the front of one of them.  Poor little thing, if they had just got her some care when she was a baby, a lot of the problems would  have been taken care of & she wouldn't have to have a lifetime of being crippled.  

The couple have agreed to let us have all 4 of them.........but we're going to have to take corral panels to make a chute, which means we'll have to take 2 vehicles..............& I can't drive.  I also won't be able to help with the "roundup" if anyone is close enough to Benson, & would like to do a good deed by helping get these donkeys into a better situation, let me know. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't know what kind of planet these people come from either. I don't know why people have animals they can't or won't take care of either. I wish I didn't live on the east coast or I'd be happy to help you out. Good luck with your new donkeys. I hope you get some help.

Tish said...

Thanks, I wish you were closer too, but I've seen pictures of your place. You don't want to leave "heaven".........!! (G)