Sunday, July 10, 2011

RED LETTER DAY...........!!!!

I don't believe it......!!!  This morning when Gus' gate was opened he headed out with the herd.  I think that is the first time he has left his pen as soon as the gate was opened.  

I think I will call the vet tomorrow & get a new set of x-rays on his feet, so Courtney will have something to go by, when she comes out in a couple of weeks.  He's walking pretty good now, although he still moves oddly when he turns in a tight corner, like he's thinking about it before he moves.  About 1/3 of his hoof is new growth, & seems to be growing out straight & strong, so hopefully by the time the whole hoof is replaced, he'll have some good growth internally too.  It will be interesting to see x-rays to see if the rotation is improving.  

Another red letter occurrence this morning was when I checked Sha'ba.  I could only find 2 small spots, ie sores on his sheath & neither of them looked like they had habronema in them.  Hopefully I've got them all out, & he can get healed up.  Even if he heals up I will continue to smear him with invermectin every morning & cover the area with Alu-shield, which is a liquid bandage you spray on.  It will make a barrier to help keep the flies at bay, hopefully. 


I'm putting fly boots on Jenny & Gus now.  I tried putting on the leggings I made last year, that are strips of cloth hanging & fluttering in the breeze, but Jenny was losing 2 a day & I haven't had time to sew up anymore.  I'm not a sewer anyway, & it takes me forever to get a few made.  I'm sure someone that knows what they are doing could make a dozen in the time it takes me to make 2, so for right now we're going with boots.  The protein flies love Jenny's legs, & take the hair off quickly, so the boots stop that.  Gus has photo sensitivity on both front legs & although the hair grows over the area, it's not real thick & the flies know it.  And as a bonus the boots keep the sun off his legs.  Quilla of course has no hair on his front legs, only scar tissue.  Right now I'm using zinc oxide & no covering.  If I had some covers for him, I would use sunscreen, it's a lot less messy, but this is working for now. 


ellie k said...

do you have a pattern or something to make the leg covers? what do they need to be made out off?

Tish said...

I have all the material. I use denim for the part the velcro goes on. The material is cut square, & it's just sewn to the denim & add some velcro & then cut the material into strips.