Sunday, August 08, 2010

We're about ready to give up on feeding these little ingrats.  I've tried telling them about the poor little donkeys in third world countries & how they would love to have access to hay & pellets & all that good stuff.  So far I don't think any of them care.  We got more rain last night, so the growth of green stuff will continue for a little while longer.  John has cut their hay allotment over half & they are still leaving hay. 

Honcho is now eating outside the pens with Buster, Lucy & Quilla & Katie is eating by herself.  We were going to move Daisy out of her pen, but she really likes to have structure in her life & loves being in her pen to eat.  Of course right now she doesn't eat when she goes in it, but she likes to lay down where it's "safe" & take a nap. 

Honcho was a little confused last night & was determined to get in a pen, any pen.  But once he figured out there was hay outside the pens, he was fine.  There are a few of them that still want their hay, & he is one of them. 

Quilla came to us one year ago today.  He had open sores all over his legs & was extremely overweight.  He's lost some weight although we still call him Mr. Marshmallow, & we've figured out how to keep his sun photo sensitivity under control. 

And tomorrow will be the 1st anniversary of Max the big red horse's death.  It really seems longer than that in a lot of ways, he was a real neat horse.  When Gus came back a few months ago, the 1st thing he did was look for Max.  It took a couple of days for him to figure out Max wasn't here.  Now Gus has 3 horses of his very own in his new home although Chief is his favorite.. 

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