Saturday, August 07, 2010


This morning when John went out to round up the group, Pepper didn't show up.  This is about the 3rd morning in a row, he has just not shown up.  We went out & got him, but I told John this morning to put out a bucket of water on Burroland & close the gate.  We've been checking the water & John even went down where he is a couple of times to entice him to come to the pen area.  NOPE, don't want to.......!!!!  He seems to be perfectly happy to be a wild burro today.  

John went out this afternoon & let the 3 girls out for a couple of hours.  Jenny really needs to be able to move around or her feet get even worse than usual.  So we have to weigh the good of letting her out & all of them having access to green stuff.  Katie is the only one that really needs to be on a restricted diet, she is a real air fern.  In fact we are talking about feeding her by herself, we think she might be eating more than her fair share, Honcho is definitely starting to look svelte. 

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