Friday, August 06, 2010


Georgette called this morning & said it seems that she has been replaced in Remington's heart.  He & Hanna are staying side by side, even if Hanna is in her little eating pen, so it looks like the grand experiment is working.  In fact Georgette said they didn't even want her to put their fly masks on & kept walking away.  Remington better watch it, if he gets too independent, Georgette will stick him in the "patience" pen for awhile.  Hanna hasn't had the pleasure of getting stuck in there yet, so they better remember who is actually in charge, or they might get a wake-up call.........!!!!! 

John is threatening to not feed any of ours, he's picking up more hay than they eat, & that's after he's already cut back on their hay.  Let's put it this way, they aren't showing up, ready to go into the pen, & enjoy their hay.  In fact they look at it like it's not edible, which really irritates John.  At least they could go thru the motions of prowling thru it, looking for tasty tidbits, rather than giving it a cursory glance & standing by the gate yelling to get out & back to the buffet.  

Lucy's foot where the piece of hoof was cut off, seems to be healing just fine.  I'm keeping thunja zinc oxide on it & after the first couple of times she isn't pulling away, so I assume it isn't real sore. 

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