Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CHICO "THINKS" HE'S A MAN........!!!

A couple of days ago when John was rounding everyone up, Jenny decided to check out the new boy with her usual "come hither" style.  She went over to his gate, started clacking, winking & peeing, & something clicked in his brain & elsewhere.  He started bellowing, running around, jumping & kicking & trying to get thru the gate.  That means he stuck his head thru the gate & got it stuck.  Hadn't heard him bellow, nor had I seen him pay any attention to the jennies before.  So now anytime some of the donkeys walk past his gate, he runs up there to see if they are interesting.  

This morning he & Honcho were playing thru the corral panels, trying to take each other's mask off & playing with a rope.  We are thinking about putting Honcho in the pen with Chico so they can play a few hours a day.  As long as they don't get too rough, the exercise would do them both good. 

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