Friday, August 27, 2010

Allen Pinkerton - Antietam, Maryland - 1862

For once, everyone seems to be headed in the right direction as far as health is concerned.  Lucy seems to be doing well, in her boots, in fact this morning she was pushing on the gate to get out of the pen.   John opened up the pen next door so she can roam around a little if she wants.  I'd let her out of the pens, but she doesn't need to be out eating more green stuff and/or mesquite beans, which got her in this condition in the first place.  

The 3 sores on her shoulder & front legs are looking good.  Now that she isn't laying down so much they are getting a chance to heal.  They've gone from almost the size of my hand & rather icky, down to silver dollar size & dry.  I've been using equ-aide on them the last couple of days, & it really is doing a good job.  

I'm getting a handle on Sha'ba habronema larve, it's a good thing, his "godmother" is coming out to see him next week, so I want him to look good or she'll think I've been neglecting him.........!!!  (G)  Quilla's sores on his legs from the sun are always a challenge, but as long as he's doctored twice a day & wears his leggings we can keep them from getting bloody. 

I think Katie's pones (fat pockets) are finally starting to look less prominent.  She has been penned except for a couple of hours a day the last couple of weeks, much to her disgust.  Jenny, Frijolita & Buddy Brat are also being kept in.  There is just too much out there to graze on for the ones that think eating is the most important thing in the world.  Actually Jenny isn't a big eater, but she is susceptible to foundering.  She was starting to walk like her feet hurt, so she's better off staying in a pen until there is less out there to eat. 

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