Monday, August 02, 2010

This picture of Frijolita was taken over the back wall.  All of the donkeys have been shaking the trees to get the mesquite beans to fall.  For some reason this particular tree seems to be a favorite.  I think it's because some of the limbs are hanging on this side of the wall, & they can't get to them, but they can see them.  

We had a real nice couple come out today to visit with the donkeys.  They might adopt in the future, they still aren't settled.  The woman was intrigued with Tula & her story of being so distrustful of people.  She spent quite a bit of time trying to get Tula to come to her, & got her to within 4-5 feet.  I said something about maybe she should foster Tula & she is mulling the idea around in her mind.  So we'll see if she wants to try working with Tula, next April, when they move out here permanently. 

We're still trying to clean up the mess from the wash going out of it's banks Saturday.  The pens are still too wet to work in, & believe me the donkeys don't like walking across the mud.  It's dried out, so it doesn't suck at their feet, but they still don't like it.  It's going to take days & days to get everything straightened up & leveled out I'm afraid. 

Hobo the feral cat we feed finally started bringing a baby around this week.  It's as spooky as she is, but certainly knows where the food is.  
It's a real pretty perfectly marked red tabby, of course we don't know if it's a boy or girl, although I think most of the red tabbies are male, at least I don't remember seeing a female.  So we've been calling it Sunni, if it's a girl, & Sonny if it's a boy. 

Last week I saw a light caramel colored kitten up by the garage, running like 90 miles an hour, because I saw it.  So far it hasn't come down to the house to eat.  Hopefully nothing happened to it.  We'd like to get Hobo to the vet to be spayed, but she is extremely live trap wise, & will not even go on the porch is the trap is in sight. 

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