Thursday, August 05, 2010

Today we took Hanna to see if she & Remington would bond with each other.  Getting her into the trailer was an experience I would like to not repeat anytime soon.  She wasn't mean or nasty about it, she just didn't want to go in.  Well actually she threw a couple of kicks in my direction, which I let her know wasn't allowed.  Talk about put us off our schedule..................!!!!! Geesh!  John was in the trailer pulling on 2 ropes & I started picking up feet & putting them in the trailer.  Thank goodness she isn't a centipede, by the time I picked up 3 I was real happy when she put the other one in herself.  Usually if they are scared or really don't want to go in, if you pick up a foot & put it in the trailer, they will immediately remove it.  She never did, when I put the foot in the trailer, she left it there.  I think she really didn't know what to do, so hopefully next time it will take less time.  We headed down the road & about 5 miles from home, the rear axle on the van started making a funny noise.  Rather than take it out on the highway, we turned around, went home & got the other van.  

I didn't really know how they would react to each other.  Remington has always been with geldings & Hanna stayed with Tula when they weren't in their pens.  They didn't do much posturing, & as you can see they were getting along just fine. 

This is Georgette rubbing Hanna's belly & Hanna seemed to think it was OK.  I think Remington was just trying to figure out this change in his lifestyle.  We did find out that Hanna is a little jealous.  Lou the man that owns the property, came out to see if Hanna would let him pet her.  She seemed to think that was just fine, & when Remington tried to horn in, she ran him off.  She will probably rule the roost, hopefully Remington will accept this reality of the equine world, the jennies usually are in charge & the guys, if they are smart just go along with it.  If they try to change the rules, it usually doesn't take them long to figure out, it "ain't going to happen". 

Katie is having to stay in the pen with Jenny & Frijolita as of today for weight control.  They think we've lost our minds.  This morning Pepper didn't come in.  We always worry when he doesn't show up on time, so John went over to Burroland & came back empty handed.  After everyone was fed, I went over & found the old buzzard with his head buried in green stuff, chomping away.   Then tonight Lucy didn't come in, although Buster did, & kept yelling for her.  She finally wandered in when we were about done with feeding.  Tonight everyone left hay in their bunks, they are getting enough green stuff, that old dry hay isn't very interesting I guess. We hate to cut their hay anymore, but there is no sense in putting it out, if they are just going to walk away from it.  A few hot days without rain, & their buffet will disappear.

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