Wednesday, August 04, 2010


We took Lucy into the vet this morning to get that piece of hoof cut off.  Our plan of attack was to numb the area & use a dremel tool to trim it back.  But after Nancy saw it, she said it might be better to just go in & cut it off back far enough so it hopefully wouldn't grow back.  It's always grown in unattached to the hoof, & Courtney keeps it at bay, by trimming it back.  Since it really doesn't do anything except be a nuisance that has to be worked with on a regular basis, Nancy went ahead & cut it back & then used a goat dehorner to seal it over.  She said to just keep it covered with thunja zinc oxide & she should be fine.  

Lucy was ready to come home, & Buster was standing in the driveway in about the same place he was standing when she left.  He loves his Lucy girl & we would have taken him with us, but he stresses real bad in a trailer, the floor gets soaked with sweat, so he was better off staying home & worrying here. 

As of today Jenny, & Frijolita are having to stay in a pen.  Jenny's feet are starting to get a little warm, & she is walking gingerly so she is probably getting too much green stuff.  Frijolita is plumping up & since they are usually penned together anyway, I thought it wouldn't hurt for her to stay in too.  Then I looked at Katie & she looks like her pones might be getting a little more defined, so she'll probably go in tomorrow.  

Hanna will be going to hang out with Remington tomorrow, to see if they like each other.  They would make such a cute pair, unless they can't stand each other.  Georgette has really worked with Remington, they even trimmed his feet a couple of weeks ago, & she is really looking forward to Hanna coming to visit. 

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