Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TIME FOR A CRISIS........!!!

This morning when we went out to feed most of them didn't come in.  This is becoming a habit, but we are still getting rain, & the green stuff is everywhere.  Pepper still hasn't come in from Burroland today & it's almost time for supper.

Buster & Lucy were 2 of the holdouts, but John had seen them on this side.  Once we got done with chores, John went out to look for Quilla's fly mask, the name changes, but unfortunately we get to spend a lot of time looking for masks & Jenny & Quilla's leggings.  He came across Lucy laying down & acting colicky.  I checked all her vitals & nothing was out of line.  I have some colic relief made of natural products called Equine Colic Relief & just a few minutes after giving it to her, she passed a lot of gas & stood up.  Once she stood up we noticed another problem, ouchy front feet.  Checked them & they were warm, so she probably has eaten too many beans & since she has a history of foundering shouldn't be a big surprise.  There aren't that many beans this year, but she probably found a big stash of them.  Chester's pen is the softest, with lots of sand & powdery dirt & it was fairly close to where she was.  We had to use a butt strap get her to walk, but finally got her in the pen.  Soaked both front feet in ice water & gave her some banamine.  Soaked some hay & she is enjoying it this afternoon.  We'll soak her a couple more times tonight & hopefully she'll be more comfortable tomorrow.  

This is something she doesn't need.  Her feet are really nasty & her coffin bone is right on the ground with only the sole between the bone & the ground no concavity at all.  I doubt that she is ever completely pain free, but she toddles around with her boyfriend Buster & does her thing.  I just hope this doesn't make her feet any worse than they already are long term. 

Boy is Chester going to be surprised when he tries to go into his pen tonight.  We'll put him in with Tula, to eat.  We've done this before when we needed to use his pen for someone else.  He doesn't mind, but Tula really doesn't appreciate him being in HER pen. 

I will be gone for a couple of days, I'm flying to Texas to a friend's funeral.  I hate to leave John with all the work, but he wanted me to go.  She was a good friend for years when we were in Saudi Arabia, in fact we were neighbors for about 6-7 years on our compound.  Made the best homemade bread you ever tasted, tried to teach me, but mine never tasted as good. 

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