Sunday, August 22, 2010

I got back from Texas around midnight Friday night.  Trip went well, although every time I fly the hassle gets worse I think.  And the TSA people really take their jobs seriously, to the point of being almost entertaining.....notice I said......... almost.  

Lucy of course was one of my main worries.  John had said she was doing OK, but was getting sores on her shoulders & elbows from laying down.  Saturday morning when I went out I was really surprised at how big they had gotten in just 2 days.  One side is almost the size of my hand, thankfully they haven't broken thru the skin & become bloody.  Where they are at, is impossible to bandage, too many angles & muscles.  Yesterday I went out 2 or 3 times & "redid" them & when we came in from the races last night about 2am, I "did" them again.  John came in this morning with the cheerful message that she had lost 2 of them & judging from the cleanliness of them, I think probably right after I put them on last night. 

This morning I'm trying a different approach, if it works I'll take a picture.  I'm using honey on the pressure sores, it's suppose to work really good.  So far they aren't getting worse & actually look a little drier, so hopefully it will work.  Courtney is suppose to be out today to trim up her feet.  She wants to put boots on Lucy but I don't think she'll be able to.  Lucy's feet are so deformed anyway & she just had that piece of hoof taken off earlier this month, & that is still tender.  So we'll see. 

Everyone else was OK.  Of course John got to spend quite a bit of time, looking for masks & leggings, but we're use to that.  We've even figured out where they usually lose them, at least we like to think so.  Where they dust bathe is a good place to look.  

Still very hot & very, very humid.  Our backyard looks like a jungle & it's too miserable to go out there & work.  Doing chores is bad enough, at least the little ingrates are showing more interest in their hay & feed.  Guess the adventure of eating "wild" food is not as exciting as it was. 

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